A Real Hero

One important thing to remember when creating your main character–which in most cases (though not all) turns out to be the hero–is that they need to be real. What I mean by that is creating a character that is believable, despite all of the amazing–if not fictional–acts and accomplishments they achieve over the course of

New Publishing Venture

Breaking the barriers in the publishing industry.It’s what we do. Big things are coming. I’m pleased to announce a new publishing venture, Paradoxical Frog Press. Stay tuned for more information! What’s a paradoxical frog? Pseudis paradoxa, or paradoxical frogs, grow and mature partially in reverse, completely breaking away from the way that every other frog

Does Syntax Set a Genre Apart?

Should we consider linguistics and English composition when creating dialogue in fiction? How does syntax function within fiction and set a genre apart? In How English Works: A Linguistic Introduction, Adams and Curzan state that we use “intuition” (169) to decipher the meanings of sentences and determine whether a sentence is structured correctly. For example, two