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“We had originally chosen another company to do the layout and cover design of this novel, but when that source fell through, Danielle put on her Supergirl cape and saved the day! She was able not only to finish the editing of our manuscript on time, but also finished the additional design and layout job as well – all by the deadline. We are very pleased with the cover design. It is nicely polished but still maintains our original concept; which is exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend Danielle to others for her design and layout services. ”

~ Carissa Holmes, Creative Coach

“The screenplays Danielle adapted from my sci-fi trilogy books ‘Sentinels of Tzurac’ have over the last two years won numerous high standard awards from many International film and screenwriting competitions. My action-packed novels are quite complex in plots and characters and Danielle has done a fantastic job. I would recommend her to any writer/author who is considering having a screenplay written, not to mention she has a very professional and congenial rapport in her business dealings.”

~ James Raven, Author

“Anyone who has the opportunity to interact with Danielle will find themselves dealing with a person who knows exactly how to support and direct a writer at whatever level they may be. She inherently knows what a writer needs in terms of their skills and goals. I could not imagine where I would be in terms of success and recognition without her help.”​

~Jeffry Weiss, Author

“Danielle has been a great writer on this project. She brought a huge amount of creativity and imagination, was helpful in her advice, produced quick results, and was adherent to my suggestions. She is knowledgeable about the industry, intuitive with characters, plot strengths, and dialogue, and I will be seeking her out again!”
~ Rick Bervard, Multi-published author

“…Provided excellent expertise, professionalism, subject matter knowledge, and regular feedback throughout the entire project. I started the project with limited knowledge of the topic/genre I was venturing in and Danielle was of great help in the process. Danielle gave me additional confidence and encouragement, and always kept a very optimistic and positive outlook. Finally, despite a busy schedule, Danielle managed time very well to attend to my requirements. I highly recommend Danielle and I look forward to doing more work together soon.”
~ Roberto Noce, Children’s Book Author

“Danielle’s Content Editing skill is the best thing that has happened to my fiction writing! After publishing my first novel last year I wasn’t satisfied with the editing and wanted to find a new editor… She provided me with an insightful, frank critique of my manuscript and then an excellent content edit, identifying many of my weaknesses and guidance to improve them… delivering a publish-ready manuscript at the end… she’s definitely worth her weight in gold! A strong recommendation for new novelists.”
~ Jiro Olcott, Author

“I highly recommend Danielle for writing and editing services. Danielle went beyond expectations on our project. She was very helpful to us as new authors and new Elance users and was patient as we went through the learning curve of these processes. Not only did she correct many unseen errors and glitches in the manuscript, she also added key elements while preserving the ‘voice’ for consistency. Due to her help, I have become a better writer. In addition, Danielle stepped up to the plate once more in a time crunch and did the layout and cover design for our novel when our original source fell through. We are very pleased with her editing and she certainly has “first dibs” on the rest of the Eleven series.”
~ J.J. Bende, Author

“Danielle was awesome – totally understanding of what I needed, and she asked all the right questions to figure out the pieces I was missing from our story. She’s a beautiful writer, and I would not hesitate to hire her again!”
~ Angie K., Author

“PHENOMENAL! I could not have found a better ghostwriter, collaborator, and simply writer. She was a pro at every level and her quality of work was EXCEPTIONAL. Hire her and work with her. I plan to work with her again. I hired her to help me as a ghostwriter for my web series project and her talent, communication, and quality of work were way more than I expected to get. She has a great sense of taking your vision and your inspiration and adding to it, but still keeping it yours. She was a great asset to my project. Thank you, Danielle!”
~ Douglas T., Author

“All readers get a great pleasure and enjoyment reading Kaheaku’s books… an excellent author and her stories are full of fun and excitement.”
~ Ala S., Designer

“Danielle, Thanks very much you did an amazing job bringing my characters to life!”
~ Jason R., Designer

“Fantastic work. Quick, professional, great communication, great ideas… Thanks, Danielle!”
~ Timothy K., Biographer

“Responsive, fast and accurate. Strongly recommend. Have already hired this provider for other projects.”
~ Jasmine R., YA Author

“We have requested Danielle to work on sentence structure, grammar, and editing of our book. The shape that our manuscript was in when given to her had a ton of errors and needed a major overhaul and that’s putting it lightly. She has made a dynamic turnaround with the story! For that, we are truly grateful. She gives great feedback and suggestions for making the project more successful. She goes above & beyond. The list goes on. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking for top-of-the-line service, that’s exactly what she provides! Thanks for everything, you are Awesome!”
~ Natalie J., MG Author

“…she did a great job on my story outline. Everything was done on time, handled professionally, and the quality was top notch. This is one gem of a writer!!!”
~ Walter E., Author

“Danielle did a great job, and I would definitely consider hiring her again. She delivered what she had promised well ahead of schedule. Thanks to her expert advise I can now take my own work to the next level. Thank you again for a job well done!”
~ Timo K., Designer