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Below is a list of recent client work.
Due to the nature of ghostwriting and editing, not all projects are listed and the nature of the work performed on each project is not disclosed.

Interested in working with me? I have limited slots available each month. Please inquire at dl@kaheaku.com with project information, genre, and deadlines.


The Forgotten
Produced by


The Forgotten
Produced by Randy Kent/Forgotten Productions

The Code
Produced by Ice Fortress Productions, in conjunction with Krystek Productions and Synthetic Human

The Kult
Produced by Gharial Productions
Based on the novel by Shaun Jeffrey

The Wretched
by John Saunders and Niranjan Maganti
In production by Kinetic Film Group

Back to the Land
by Werner Krieglstein

Low Man
Based on the novel by T.J. Vargo

Based on the novel by Rick Bevard

Church of the Dead
Based on the novel by Shaun Jeffrey


Eleven: Shadow and Light
by J.J. Bende and Carisa Holmes

The Kult

by Shaun Jeffrey

by Shaun Jeffrey

Low Man
by T.J. Vargo

One if by Heaven Two if by Hell
by Rick Maydak

Serpent Rising
by Jiro Olcott

The McKenzie Files
by Barry K. Nelson

Of Quills and Kings
by Joel Reeves

by Multiple Authors, 
short story anthology

Abaculus II
by Multiple Authors, 
short story anthology

Abaculus III
by Multiple Authors, 
short story anthology

The Rocket’s Red Glare
by David M. Peak

Blood Sin
by Toni V. Sweeney

From Hell: The Final Days of Jack the Ripper
by Rob Thompson

The Rhythms of Sunshine
by Paul Vechey

Love Bites
by Brittany Havelka

Ashes to Ashes
by Brittany Havelka

Dark Angel
by Brittany Havelka

Who, Me?
by Rachelle Nguyen

How to Disappear Completely
by Annika Howells

Malagon Rising
by G. Winston Hyatt

Health And Non-Fiction

Flying with Howard Hughes: A Co-Pilots Diary
by Thurlow Field

How-To Ultimate Body Transformation for Moms
by Michael W. Smith

Ultimate Guide to Express Fat Loss
by Martin Bolduc

The Ultimate Mom-Butt Workout
by Michael W. Smith

Lemonaide to Go – Cleansing Diet
*Client’s name hidden by request

Busy Girl’s Guide to Fitness
*Client’s name hidden by request

Hip Hop Nation: Relatives in the Church
by Dave Jones

Driving While Black: A Black Man’s Guide To Law Enforcement In America
by Shafiq R.F. Abdussabur